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RoughNotes-Pro Per Agency 1st Year
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Policy Forms & Manual Analysis (PF&M)
An essential go-to guide to strengthen your property & casualty expertise on commercial, personal and specialty lines coverages and concepts. Demonstrate your insight to enhance your competency. Use real court case decisions when presenting coverage concerns to new prospects and current clients.

Coverages Applicable
A great starter guide for risk management and survey work. The most widely used resource by training professionals and organizations that must quickly work to onboard anyone new to the insurance industry. Learn appropriate coverages quickly and gain traction to remain competitive.

Commercial & Personal Lines Risk Evaluation System
Explore and uncover all possible coverage concerns using an easy 1-2-3 comprehensive documented approach. You will find 27 categories to choose from along with 750 classes of business available to you when you need them the most. Along with industry codes listed, often needed as part of the policy submission process, the final step in this approach helps you avoid errors & omissions when utilizing your recommended coverage checklists. Now you and your client understand what was discussed and are ready to submit the data collected.

In Action
A monthly newsletter that will show you ways to turn coverage knowledge into powerful sales opportunities.

Rough Notes Digital Magazine
The industry┐s leading insurance agent publication. Check out all the digital features that allow you customize and enhance your reading preference, send articles to others and to social media platforms and lots more.

The Insurance Marketplace
Insurance professional┐s number one source used to search for hard-to-find coverages. Easy navigation saves you time so can you continue to provide excellent service to your clients.

Property and Casualty Insurance By Philip Gordis
An easy -to-use, quick reference guide to property and casualty insurance coverages. The indexing and examples put the answers to your basic coverage questions at your fingertips.

ADD-User Resources
Reference guides and other information to assist you on-demand when you need it.



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