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Coverages Applicable

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ISBN# 978-1-56461-339-4

Coverages Applicable

The 2019 edition of Coverages Applicable gets to the point and stays focused. It identifies the coverages a client needs, explains why the coverages are necessary and defines those coverages in simple and concise language. In order to keep the search simple, the book is separated by category in the Table of Contents and by risk in the index. The index also includes the SIC and NAICS codes for each risk. There are 27 commercial categories plus personal and farm categories. More than 725 risks are included in the index. A respected resource for more than 60 years, Coverages Applicable is valued by insurance professionals like you because it helps you quickly find the answers your clients need. Count on Coverages Applicable when your client's are counting on you.

426 Pages



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